Air India Express Dubai to Amritsar Flights Make Each Moment Count

A second is enough to change a life and this becomes all the more crucial while choosing and boarding flights. If you despise the idea of a long journey with multiple unnecessary stopovers then, Air India Express is the airlines for your express needs. We value your time and money and let you book cheap flights from Dubai to Amritsar for your trip.


Flight Details

Dubai International Airport (DXB) and Amritsar International Airport (ATQ) are well-connected with various flights. But our cheap flights from Dubai to Amritsar take you to the location in just 3 short hours at INR 5/6K only!  Isn’t the deal deadly and worth purchasing? So, do it now!


Exploring the Destinations

Dubai the largest city of UAE is the dream destination of all the wandering souls. Likewise, Amritsar with its native charm is no less captivating. Thus, to witness the Burj Khalifa and the Golden Temple at a difference of three hours, feel free to book Dubai to Amritsar flight tickets with us. We will make your journey all the more affordable, comfortable, and memorable, for sure.