Special assistance

Special assistance


We offer special assistance to guests with reduced mobility or special needs. If you have a disability of any kind, and need assistance, contact Air India Express Contact Center not later than 48 hours before departure.

Acceptance for carriage of incapacitated persons, persons with illness or other people requiring special assistance is subject to prior arrangement with us. Guests with disabilities who have advised us of any special requirements they may have at the time of booking of the seat and been accepted by us, shall not subsequently be refused carriage on the basis of such disability or special requirements. We may charge a fee for providing these special requirements.

Stretcher and Medical Assistance

Guests who are completely immobile and unable to sit may request for an onboard stretcher.


  1. Guest must be accompanied by an able-bodied escort.
  2. Requests must be made through your travel agent, Air India Express or Ticket Office, at least 48 hours before the flight.
  3. A Medical Information Form (MEDIF) signed by a registered medical practitioner should be submitted 72 hours prior to departure.


Wheelchair can be booked in advance. Guests who wish to avail wheelchairs will have to book it through our 24*7 contact centre or our city offices.

The wheelchair facility at Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Damam, Riyadh, Bahrain, Al Ain and Ras Al Khaimah will be chargeable as the same is charged to Air India Express.

Where charges are not borne by Air India Express at other stations, the wheelchair facility will be provided at no extra charge to the guests.

Expectant Mothers

An expectant mother in good health will be accepted for transportation up to and including the 27th week of pregnancy.

At the time of making the booking, if the pregnancy is beyond 28th weeks and with the anticipation of normal delivery, the expectant mother will be accepted for travel up to and including the 35th week of pregnancy, i.e., up to, at least 5 weeks prior to the expected date of confinement. A medical certificate should be obtained from the attending Obstetrician dated not more than 3 days prior to departure stating that she is fit to travel.

Expectant mothers with multiple pregnancies or with a history of complicated pregnancy will not be accepted for travel after the 32nd week.

Multiple pregnancy which refers to twins, triplets, etc
Complicated pregnancy which refers to cases where on previous occasions a mother has experienced difficulty and has had a complicated delivery

In case of the pregnancy beyond 35 weeks, guest may be accepted for transportation only on urgent or compassionate grounds, with the authority of the Executive Director – Air India Medical Services, after filling the MEDIF form.

New Born Baby

The infant should be 14 days old before air travel.

Exceptionally, for life saving treatment for the new born, the mother and child can be accepted for travel, before 14 days, with a medical certificate of the Obstetrician and a Pediatrician. These guests have to be accompanied by a doctor.

In such cases also, an Indemnity has to be obtained from the guest, as in the case of MEDA guests.

Unaccompanied Minor

When your child travels with us as an unaccompanied minor, we ensure added care and protection at every step to ensure a happy and memorable journey.

For travel to and from the Gulf a child who is above 5 years and under 16 years, travelling alone, or with one or more guests who have not yet completed 18 years is considered as an unaccompanied minor. For all other routes the child should be above 5 years and under 12years. 

Unaccompanied Minor bookings must be made only through Airport/ City office/ Contact Centre, any other booking method will require you to cancel with applicable penalties and rebook for the unaccompanied minor at the Airport/ City office/ Contact Centre again.

Health Regulations

Air India Express recommends that you ensure compliance with all travel health and vaccination requirements in your destination country.

Should you have a medical condition, please consult your physician on your fitness to travel. In certain cases, you may require a medical clearance before you fly.