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Online Visa for UAE

Travelling  to UAE? Take advantage of our hassle-free online UAE visa services and make your trips memorable and exciting. Conveniently apply for an e-visa to UAE get it processed in a seamless, time bound and hassle-free manner. Get valid visas issued from the comfort of your home and enjoy speedy clearance.

The kind of visa you need is based on several factors such as nationality as well as purpose and duration of visit. 

3 simple steps to apply for a UAE e-visa:

  • Know your visa type
  • Learn how to apply and submit the documents
  • Keep track of the status of your application

    Passport Copy

    Visitor’s passport copy is required. The copy should be clear and in color. The following details should be clearly mentioned: 

    •  Full name (Given Name, Surname , Father’s Name)
    •  Nationality
    •  Date of birth
    •  Place of birth
    •  Passport number
    •  Date of issue
    •  Date of expiry
    •  Father’s name / Legal guardian’s name
    •  Mother’s name
    •  Passport must be valid for a minimum of six months from the date of application.
    •  Any other document/details as required by the U.A.E Immigration office

    Age Limit for Females: 

    • 30 – 63 year old females can travel alone.
    • 12 – 29 year old females should travel with Parents or Husband.
    • 0 – 11 year old girls can only travel with mother/father.

    Age Limits for Male: 

    • 19 – 68 year old male can travel alone.
    • 0 – 18 year old male should be accompanied by parent.

    U.A.E visa requires 3-6 working days for processing. 

    Photograph & Passport  

    • One clear passport size color photograph with white background.
    •  First and last page of passport copy in JPEG format required for UAE Visa. JPEG file should be less than 1MB.
    •  The photograph should have a clear visibility of the face of the applicant.
    •  Following supporting documents may be required: Proof of relation – copy of Marriage / Birth certificate, translated to English or Arabic and attested from Ministry of UAE.

    Application Form

    Complete the online application form with accurate details.

    Note: Additional documents may be required by the UAE Immigration Authorities which will be communicated to you, through the email ID provided by you.

    • Visa assistance is available only to visitors flying on Air India Express. No other airline bookings will be accepted.
    • This service is available only for Indian passport holder.
    • Visa eligibility is applicable only after Air India express ticket is issued.
    • Air India Express will not be responsible for any rejection or delay of the visa application by the UAE Immigration Authority.
    • There is no refund of visa fee in case of inability to use the visa for any reason.
    • Visitor must enter into the UAE within 60 days of the visa issue date.
    • For any reason, if the ticket is fully or partly not utilized, no refund will be provided.
    • Visitors must not board the flight until the visa is approved and must carry copy of the visa.
    • Air India Express will not be responsible for any fines or penalties that may be imposed on the visitor by the UAE Immigration Authority.
    • Only single entry is allowed. Once the visitor departs from UAE, the visa will be automatically cancelled.
    • The bearer of the Visit Visa is not allowed to work in the UAE.
    • During or after the visa processing, should there be any cancellation request, the cost of the visa will not be refunded.
    • Visa approval is at the sole discretion of the Immigration Officials. In case a visa is rejected, the visa fees are non-refundable.
    Disclaimer Visas issued through the Air India Express site are being routed for issuance through their representative Agency in the UAE. Air India Express will not be responsible or involved in any service deliveries.Kindly contact for any queries related to Visa Applications/Issuance.
  2. I / We request Air India Express through its representative agent to sponsor the UAE visa as per the application submitted. I hereby take full responsibility of my/our stay in the UAE. In the event that me/us do not leave the UAE within the permitted period, I authorize Air India Express representative agent and accept to take legal action to rectify the situation. I/we also take full responsibility to pay all fines imposed by the Immigration Authority and Air India Express representative agent authorities for any violation whatsoever. In the event of default to the above conditions.
  3. Apply Visa from U.A.E

    Air India Express will assist for residence in the UAE to apply for visas for family, relatives or friends To apply visa from U.A.E you need to visit Air India Express Dedicated Offices. Lists of offices are mention below.

    1. Location: Sharjah - Air India Express Dedicated Office


    Phone No: + 971 6 597 0303

    Fax No: + 971 6 597 0330

    2. Location: Dubai - Air India Express Dedicated Office


    Phone No: + 971 4 221 6789

    Fax No: + 971 4 221 7765

    3. Location: Abu Dhabi - Air India Express Dedicated Office


    Phone No: + 971 2 631 3789

    Fax No: + 971 2 631 4743

    4. Location: Al Ain - Air India Express Dedicated Office


    Phone No: + 971 3 766 4789

    Fax No: + 971 3 766 5789

    5. Location: Ajman - Air India Express Dedicated Office


    Phone No: + 971 6 744 2789

    Fax No: + 971 6 744 2678

    6. Location: R.A.K - Air India Express Dedicated Office


    Phone No: + 971 7 222 1789

    Fax No: + 971 7 222 1789

    7. Location: Fujairah - Air India Express Dedicated Office


    Phone No: + 971 9 223 1989

    Fax No: + 971 9 223 1990

  4. Air India Express extend visa assistance services for visitors from India. Express Visa working hours as follows, Mon to Friday - 09:30 AM to 05:30 PM Saturday - 09:30 AM to 03:00 PM Sunday - Holiday Toll Free No. 1800 10 38 938 To apply online, please click on Agree and continue.