Terms & Conditions

Air India Express Terms & Conditions

Air India Express' Terms & Conditions of Carriage

  1. 1.1. Meanings

    In these Terms & Conditions, these particular expressions have the following meanings:

    • "Authorised Agent" means a passenger sales agent who has been appointed by us to represent us in the sale of carriage by air on our services.” The authority of the agent is limited only to the sale of a ticket and booking of a flight on the service of the carrier in accordance with all the rules.
    • "Baggage" or "baggage" means your personal property accompanying you in connection with your trip. Unless otherwise specified, it includes both your Checked and Unchecked Baggage;
    • "Baggage Check" means a document issued to Passenger by us as a receipt for Checked Baggage and which relate to the carriage of Checked Baggage and includes the Baggage Identification Tag.
    • "Baggage Identification Tag" means a document issued by us solely for identification of Checked Baggage.
    • "Checked Baggage" means baggage of which we take custody and for which we have issued a Baggage Identification Tag; it is also sometimes referred to as "registered baggage".
    • "Check-in Deadline" means the time limit specified by us by which you must have completed check-in formalities and received your boarding pass.
    • "Conditions of Contract" means those statements contained in or delivered with the Itinerary, identified as such and which incorporate by reference, these Terms & Conditions and notices available at our offices and check-in counters.
    • "Damage" includes death, bodily injury to a passenger, delay, loss, partial loss or other damage, arising out of or in connection with carriage or other services incidental thereto performed by us
    • "Itinerary Receipt" means the document we issue to Passenger that includes the Passenger's name, flight information, payment details, Conditions of Contract and notices.
    • "Passenger"," you", "your" and "yourself" means any person, except members of the crew, carried or to be carried in an aircraft with our consent.
    • "Regulations" means any regulations, terms or conditions specified in writing by us from time to time.
    • "Sector" means the flight from the airport at the point of origin to the airport at the point of destination.
    • "Seat" means a seat in our aircraft.
    • "Tariff" means our fares and charges published electronically or on paper
    • "Ticket" means the Itinerary receipt issued by us or on our behalf and including the payment details, Conditions of Contract and notices contained in it.
    • "Terms & Conditions" means these Terms and Conditions of Carriage.
    • "Unchecked Baggage", means any baggage other than Checked Baggage including all items brought by you into the aircraft cabin
    • "We", "our", "ourselves", "us" and "Carrier" means Air India Express
    • "Website" means the internet site www.airindiaexpress.in provided by us for the purpose of Passengers making online bookings and to access information about us

    1.2. Captions

    The title or caption of each article of these Terms & Conditions is for convenience only and is not to be used for interpretation of the text.

  2. 2.1 General

    These Terms & Conditions apply to the carriage by air or by other means of transportation including surface transportation of Passengers and Baggage performed by us or on our behalf and to any liability we may have in relation to that carriage and transportation.

    2.2 Terms & Conditions Prevail

    Except as provided in these Terms & Conditions, in the event of inconsistency between these Terms & Conditions and our Conditions of Contract or any other regulations we may have dealing with particular subjects, these Terms & Conditions shall prevail.

    2.3 Language

    The language of these Terms & Conditions is English and even though there may be translations of these Terms & Conditions in other languages, English shall be the sole language used in the interpretation of these Terms & Conditions

  3. 3.1 Prima Facie Evidence of Contract

    The Itinerary receipt is prima facie evidence of the contract for carriage between passenger and us. The Itinerary, these Terms & Conditions and our Conditions of Contract (including applicable Tariffs) together constitute the terms and conditions of the contract of carriage between you and us.

    3.2 Validity

    The Itinerary receipt is only valid for the Passenger(s) named and the flight specified therein.

    3.3 Identity

    We will provide carriage only to the Passenger(s) named in the Itinerary receipt or Electronic Ticket. You will be required to produce the soft/ hard copy of the ITR/e-ticket along with appropriate identification documents to gain access to the airport and for check-in.

    3.4 Passport/ Visa & OK TO BOARD

    All International Passengers should have a valid Passport and an appropriate Visa to the country of travel. Any passenger with a tourist visa should have a return/ onward ticket and his passport should be valid for 6 months from the date of travel. The onus of responsibility for all travel documents lies with the passenger himself; he/ she should check all travel related documents before purchasing the ticket. The passenger shall ensure to produce all travel related documents as appropriate to the country of travel.

    The airline shall not be held liable for any deportations due to non-production of bonafide documents.

    Foreign Nationals entering India should ensure to check their visa and passport before ticketing, as all airports in India might not have the ‘Visa on Arrival’”/ E-visa facility. These details may be confirmed from an authorized travel agent or from the website of the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India, before booking a ticket. Some nationalities are perimtted to arrive at specified airports only.

    Foreign Nationals of the eligible countries/ territories may apply for E-visa on-line minimum 4 days in advance of the date of arrival with a window of 120 days, they should at the time of travel carry a copy of electronic travel authorization (ETA) along with him/ her. Passengers should confirm their ETA status is shown as GRANTED before booking a ticket.

    Foreign Nationals entering India by applying for Visa On-line (E-Visa) should ensure that they have received their confirmation of having been issued with an on-line Visa and it is valid for the destination and which will be accepted at the destination airport. Foreign Nationals who can apply for E-visa and Indian airports where E-visa is accepted is available at https://indianvisaonline.gov.in/evisa/tvoa.html. Any clarifications or doubts in regard to E-visa may be obtained from indiatvoa@gov.in

    The onus of responsibility for the correct travel documents is with the traveler hence it is hereby advised that the passenger before entering/ leaving India should ensure that his/her visa and other documents are in order before embarking for the travel. Air India Express shall not be responsible for any deportations or non- acceptance in case of improper documents or for any other reasons.

    3.5. OK to Board

    Indian passport holders holding passport with ECR status and is travelling on Tourist Visa/ paper visas must get "OK to Board" message updated in their PNRs. Kindly get in touch with your travel agent or our contact centre for the same.

    We request all passengers to check and confirm from the consulate of the respective country for exact travel requirement and formalities.

  4. 4.1 General

    Fares apply only to carriage from the origin airport to the destination airport. Fares exclude ground transport services between airports and between airports and town terminals unless otherwise specifically stated by us. We are strictly a point-to-point carrier and shall not be responsible to you for any connecting flights. We shall not be liable to you for your failure to meet any connecting flights. Your fare will be calculated in accordance with our Tariffs in effect on the date of payment of your ticket for travel on the specific dates and itinerary shown on it.

    4.2 Infants

    An infant under the age of 2 years (on the date of travel) booked will be charged infant fares and/or at the prevailing administration fees per sector provided he/she sits on an adult's lap. Only one infant is allowed for one adult. No baby seats, basssinets or perambulators are allowed on board the aircraft. No seats are provided for infants.

    The infant should be at least 14 days old before air travel.

    4.3 Taxes fees and Charges

    Applicable taxes, fees and charges imposed by government or other authority, or by the operator of an airport, shall be payable by you. At the time you purchase your Ticket, you will be advised of taxes, fees and charges not included in the fare, most of which will normally be shown separately on the Ticket. The taxes, fees and charges imposed on air travel are constantly changing and can be imposed after the date of Ticket issuance.

    If there is an increase in a tax, fee or charge shown on the Ticket, or if a new tax, fee or charge is imposed even after Ticket issuance, you will be obliged to pay it. Further, in case any fee or taxes inadvertently not collected at the time of booking, will also be payable by passengers either at city office or at airport at the time of check-in.

    4.3.1 Convenience fee

    A Non-Refundable convenience fee will be applicable per passenger per segment for all the online transactions including modification of PNRs.

    Convenience fee is a charge levied on the sale of a ticket by the airline towards maintaining and operating the online booking system, so as to enable the passengers to book the air tickets online while using a credit/debit card or net banking. 

    Currency Amount
    INR 350
    AED 30
    BHD 3
    KWD 2
    MYR 30
    OMR 3
    QAR 30
    SAR 30
    SGD 7

    4.4 Currency

    Fares and charges are payable in the currency specified with our published fares unless otherwise specifically stated by us.

    4.5 Accuracy

    All fares, flight schedules and routes published are correct at the time of publication. We reserve the right to revise any fares and flight schedules at any time and from time to time without prior notice.

    4.6 Applicable Fares

    Applicable fares are those published by us or on our behalf, whether electronically or by way of other medium. Fares may exclude administration fees, service charges and other charges unless otherwise specifically stated by us.

  5. 5.1 Confirmation of Booking

    The booking of a seat is confirmed after full payment of the fare is made and after we issue you a booking number and/or the confirmation is reflected in the Itinerary receipt.

    Please maintain a record of your confirmation/ PNR number as this will be required to retrieve your itinerary receipt in case you do not recieve it in the e-mail.

    5.2 Group Bookings

    These are governed by specific terms that vary from time to time. Please mail us at ixgroup@airindiaexpress.in for further details.

    5.3 Flight Modifications/ Changes

    Based on the fare you have purchased, modification charges will be applicable. For further details, please refer cancellation and refund policy 

    No change or modification of the booking will be possible from 12 hours prior to departure. Outside of 12 hours prior to the scheduled flight departure time, you are allowed to change the date of the flight subject to certain Fare Basis rules/ charges applicable to the fare conditions. 

    If the new flight booked is in a lower fare class than that of the cancelled booked flight, the difference in fares will not be refunded to the passenger and if the new flight booked is in a higher fare class than that of the cancelled booked flight, the difference in fares shall be paid by the passenger before the cancellation or change can be made.

    5.4 Cancellation and Refunds

    If you do not wish to travel, you must cancel your booking at least 12 hours prior to scheduled departure of the flight. Refund will be made to you subject to applicable cancellation charges. Please note that cancellation policy is subject to change without notice.

    Air India Express offers different types of fares.

    i. Express Flexi: Fare Levels High.
    Modification Charges: Nil- Unlimited Changes allowed**

    Cancellation Charges:

    Time Period

    Cancellation Charges

    Less than 24 hours prior departure time/

    No show passenger

    100% of (Basic Air Fare + YQ (Fuel Surcharge)) +

    Transaction/ Convenience Fee per Passenger per Segment

    72 hours to 24 hours prior departure time

    INR 3700/- or its equivalent in local currency +

    Transaction/ Convenience Fee per Passenger per Segment

    7 days to 72 hours prior departure time

    INR 2700/- or its equivalent in local currency + Transaction/Convenience Fee 

    per Passenger per Segment

    7 days or more prior to departure time

    INR 2200/- or its equivalent in local currency + Transaction/Convenience Fee

    per Passenger per Segment


    The refund will be made in the same mode of payment used while booking.

    Wherever the Charge is in excess of the sum of {Basic + YQ/Fuel Surcharge}, 100% of Basic & Fuel Surcharge + Transaction/ Convenience Fee will be deducted.

    ii. Express Value: with Fare levels low medium.
    Modification Charges: INR 1100 or equivalent will be charged as a date change fee**

    Cancellation Charges:

    Time Period

    Cancellation Charges

    Less than 24 hours prior departure time/

    No show passenger

    100% of (Basic Air Fare + YQ (Fuel Surcharge)) +

    Transaction/ Convenience Fee per Passenger per Segment

    72 hours to 24 hours prior departure time

    INR 3700/- or its equivalent in local currency +

    Transaction/ Convenience Fee per Passenger per Segment

    7 days to 72 hours prior departure time

    INR 2700/- or its equivalent in local currency + Transaction/Convenience Fee

    per Passenger per Segment

    7 days or more prior to departure time

    INR 2200/- or its equivalent in local currency + Transaction/Convenience Fee

    per Passenger per Segment


    The refund will be made in the same mode of payment used while booking.

    Wherever the Charge is in excess of the sum of {Basic + YQ/Fuel Surcharge}, 100% of Basic & Fuel Surcharge + Transaction/Convenience Fee will be deducted.

    iii. Express Promo with Fare Levels Low (Promotional)
    Modifications may or may not be allowed. Please check the fare rules.

    Cancellation Charges

    Cancellation Charges

    100% of (Basic Air Fare + YQ (Fuel Surcharge)) + Transaction/ Convenience Fee


    The refund will be made in the same mode of payment used while booking.

    ** For all the fare types,

    (i) If the new flight booked is in a lower fare class than that of the cancelled booked flight, the difference in fares will not be refunded to the passenger;
    (ii) If the new flight booked is in a higher fare class than that of the cancelled booked flight, the difference in fares shall be paid by the passenger before the cancellation or change can be made;
    Please note that these rules are subject to change without notice. For Fare rules in reference to VBM (Vande Bharat Mission) flights, please click Covid-19-travel-faqs

    5.5 Payment

    Fares must be paid in full when a booking is made. In the event that the fare has not been paid in full when a booking is confirmed for any reason whatsoever, we reserve the right to cancel the booking prior to check-in and/or to disallow you to board the aircraft.

    5.6 Personal Data

    You hereby acknowledge and agree that your personal data has been given to us for the purposes of making bookings for carriage and providing you with confirmation of that booking, providing and developing ancillary services and facilities, facilitating immigration and entry procedures, accounting, billing and auditing, checking credit or other payment cards, security, administrative and legal purposes, credit card issuance, systems testing, maintenance and development, statistical analysis, and helping us in any future dealings with you. For these purposes, by entering into a contract of carriage with us you authorize us to retain and use your personal data and to transmit it to our own offices, authorized agents and third party business associates, government agencies, other carriers or the providers of the services mentioned above.

    5.7 Seating

    Air India Express offers the facility to  pre-select a seat (on most sectors) of your choice while making a booking or upto 24 hours prior to departure by clicking on our Manage my Booking’ by paying a nominal fee. You can also opt for seat assignment at the time of check-in at the airport at no additional charges.

    Seats available for pre-selection:

    Window, Middle & Aisle 1,14 &15* 790 50 16 50 50 5 5 5 50
    Window & Aisle 2 to 10 380 25 8 25 25 2 2 2 25
    11 to 31 160 10 4 10 10 1.5 1.5 1.5 10
    Middle 2 to 10 160 10 4 10 10 1.5 1.5 1.5 10
    11 to 31 80 5 2 5 5 0.75 0.75 0.75 5

    * Emergency exit rows viz. Rows 14/15 or 15/16; depending on the configuration of the aircraft, shall be assigned only to able bodied passengers and Children above the age of 16 due to safety requirements. Customers with special needs, together with the elderly, frail, or any other customer who in our reasonable opinion would be unable to assist in the event of an emergency will not be seated at or adjacent to an Emergency exit.

    Air India Express reserves the right to re-assign seats at anytime as may be necessary for security, safety and operational reasons.

    All seat charges are non- refundable on cancellations and non- transferable on modifications.

    5.8 Code Share Bookings with Air India.

     Air India Express and Air India together operate one way code share flights on select sectors wherein Air India Express is the operating carrier. Air India promotes these flights with a 4 digit flight number on their website and GDS distribution channels.

    Since Air India Express is the operating carrier, the terms and conditions set forth on Air India Express website will be applicable to passengers booked under their code share flight.

    Passengers need to contact Air India Express 24 x7 contact center or city offices to book Air India Express ancillary products and wheel chairs for their code share flights.

  6. 6.1 Check-In Conditions and Closure of Counters

    All Our Flights depart and arrive from/at International Terminals.

    Our check-in counters are open 3 hours prior to the scheduled flight departure time. The counters close 60 minutes before the scheduled flight departure time.

    Check-in deadlines may vary at different airports and for particular flights. It is your responsibility to ensure that you comply with these deadlines particulars of which will be available at the time you make your booking.

    In any event, without derogating from the generality of other provisions of these Terms & Conditions governing the right of refusal of carriage, we reserve the right not to allow you to check in without any liability to you and without having to refund to you any fare paid:

    1. if you attempt to check in after closure of the check-in counters;
    2. if you fail to have proper identification or fail to identify yourself to our staff;
    3. if you fail to have the proper documents, permits, visa, necessary for travel to a particular place or country;
    4. if you have not fully paid any fare or other fees or charges due to us;
    5. if you have misbehaved with our staff or caused disturbance at our counter or have abused our staff whether physically or verbally;
    6. if the Government or other authorities prohibits your checking in or boarding the aircraft;
    7. if in our judgment, you are not fit to travel due to drunkenness or any obvious adverse medical condition; and/or
    8. if in our judgment, you are not medically fit to travel or your medical condition poses or could pose a danger or threat to the health of other passengers.

    6.2 Connection Flights

    Connecting Flights – Check-in baggage for Passengers booked on connecting flights designated as (INTL) International will be tagged to the final destination. Passengers will have to clear Immigration/ Customs formalities at the origin /final point of embarkation/disembarkation.

    Check-in baggage for Passengers booked on connecting flights designated as Domestic (DOM) will be tagged to the connecting point.

    Passengers may refer to the Connections Page for information on Domestic (DOM) / International (INTL) flights.

    6.3 Boarding

    You must be at the boarding gate at least 60 minutes before the scheduled departure time. Boarding Gates will Close 20 minutes before the departure time.

    6.4 No-show

    If you fail to check in on time or fail to board the aircraft by the time the aircraft door closes, the fare and the transaction fee you paid will not be refunded to you for any reason whatsoever. However, non-airline taxes paid will be refunded in full.

    6.5 Compliance

    You are solely responsible for complying with all laws, regulations, orders, demands and requirements of countries flown from, into or over and with our Terms & Conditions, notices and instructions given by us relating thereto. We shall not be liable in any way whatsoever to you in connection with obtaining necessary documents or complying with such laws, regulations, orders, demands, notices, requirements or instructions, whether given orally or in writing or otherwise, or for the consequences to you resulting from your failure to obtain such documents or to comply with such laws, regulations, orders, demands, notices, requirements or instructions.

    The onus of responsibility for the correct travel documents is with the traveler hence it is hereby advised that the passenger before entering/ leaving India should ensure that his/her visa and other documents are in order before embarking for the travel. Air India Express shall not be responsible for any deportations or non- acceptance in case of improper documents or for any other reasons.

    6.6 Travel Documents

    You are responsible for obtaining and must possess and have available for presentation as required by the relevant authorities all entry and exit, health and other documents required by law, regulations, order, demands or requirements of the countries flown from, into or over. We reserve the right to refuse carriage, at any stage, to any Passenger who has not complied with, or whose documents do not appear to comply with, such applicable laws, regulations, orders, demands or requirements.

    6.7 Refusal of Entry

    You agree to pay the applicable fare and/or penalties or fines whenever we, on order of any Government or immigration authority, are required to return you to your point of origin or elsewhere, owing to your inadmissibility into a country, whether of transit or destination. In such circumstances we will not refund the fare to you and the Airline shall not take any responsibility for this inadmissibility.

    6.8 Passenger Responsible for Fines, Detention Costs, etc.

    If we are required to pay or deposit any fine or penalty or to incur any expenditure by reason of your failure to comply with laws, regulations, orders, demands or other travel requirements of the countries flown from, into or over or to produce the required documents, you shall on demand reimburse to us any amount so paid or expenditure so incurred or to be paid. We may apply towards such payment or expenditure the value of any carriage unused by you, or any funds due to you in our possession.

    6.9 Security Inspections

    You shall submit to any security or health checks by Government or airport officials or by us.

  7. 7.1 Right to refuse carriage

    We may refuse carriage of you or your baggage for reasons of safety or if, in the exercise of our reasonable discretion, we determine that:


    such action is necessary for reasons of safety or security;


    such action is necessary in order to comply with any applicable laws, regulations or orders of any state or country to be flown from, into or over;


    your conduct, status, age or mental or physical condition or the physical condition of your baggage is such as to (i) require special assistance or (ii) cause harm, discomfort or make yourself objectionable to other passengers or our crew or (iii) involve any hazard or risk to yourself or other persons or to property;


    you have committed misconduct on a previous flight and such conduct may be repeated;


    you have not observed, or are likely to fail to observe, our instructions;


    you have refused to submit to a security check;


    the applicable fare or any charges or taxes payable have not been paid;


    the payment of your fare is fraudulent;


    you do not have the proper documents for travel;


    the booking of our Seat has been done fraudulently or unlawfully or has been purchased from a person not authorized by us;


    the credit card by which you paid for the fare has been reported lost or stolen;


    the Itinerary receipt or booking or Electronic Ticket is counterfeit or fraudulently obtained;


    the Itinerary receipt has been altered by anyone other than us or our authorized agent, or has been mutilated (in which case we reserve the right to retain such documentation); and/or


    the person checking in or boarding cannot prove that he is the person named as the passenger on the flight(we reserve the right to retain such Itinerary receipt in this circumstance).

    7.2 Unaccompanied Child

    Children between age 5 and 16 will be accepted for carriage as an Unaccompanied Minor in Air India Express, provided all necessary documentation and formalities are provided/completed. Unaccompanied Minor bookings must be made only through Airport/ City office, any other booking method will require you to cancel and rebook it at the Airport/ City office again. Click here for unaccompanied minor request for carriage form

    Children below age of 12 years traveling with anyone other than their parents will have to submit an Indian Embassy (Destination Point) attested letter stating so.This is a requirement of the Indian Emigration authorities when travelling international from India.

    The requirements are not exhaustive. Please check with the concerned government authorities of the respective countries prior your travel for the latest updates and required documentation.

    Procedure for Children & Minors (18 years or below) traveling to UAE without their parent(s)

    Effective 1st June, 2018, General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs-Dubai (Immigration) has notified the implementation of the following procedure with regard to children & minors (18 years or below) traveling to UAE without their parent(s)

    All minors (18 years and below) would need to have an authorization form filled from their parents with relevant details of their address abroad and in the UAE and information about who would be receiving them in the UAE as they are not travelling with their parent(s).

    In case the minor is travelling with any another family member other than their parent(s), an authorization letter from the parents or the guardian is still required.

    The minor would be deported if UAE/ Indian Immigration suspect an illegal activity and the information provided are not sufficient to address that. In which case, the normal INAD process and subsequent fines would be applied

    7.3 Special Assistance

    Acceptance for carriage of incapacitated persons, persons with illness or other people requiring special assistance is subject to prior arrangement with us. Passengers with disabilities who have advised us of any special requirements they may have at the time of booking of the Seat and been accepted by us, shall not subsequently be refused carriage on the basis of such disability or special requirements. We may charge a fee for providing these special requirements.

    7.4 Wheelchair

    In order not to violate the civil rights of passengers with disabilities, for a barrier free environment, no charges will be levied for the use of wheelchairs and other assistance at all Indian Airports for passengers travelling in Air India Express flights. Ground Handling Agents in certain countries charge for Wheel Chair Assistance and these charges at these destinations have to be paid by the passenger.

    Passengers shall be allowed carriage of assistive devices weighing up to 15 Kgs Free of Charge, as additional baggage subject to the limitation of the aircraft.

    Battery powered wheel chairs or other similar mobility aids for use by passenger whose mobility is restricted by a disability, their health or age, or a temporary mobility problem (e.g. Broken leg) with Non-Spillable Battery or with batteries which comply with special provision A123 and A199 (as per current edition of IATA DGR Manual Chapter 4.4) shall be accepted for carriage as checked baggage subjected to conditions. Passenger need to seek approval from Air India Express for the carriage.

    Note: Wheelchairs fitted with spillable battery will not be accepted on Air India Express flight.

    Efforts shall be made to carry passenger’s own wheel chair/ assistive devices in the cabin, subject to space availability. If the same cannot be carried in the passenger cabin, these must be loaded in the baggage holds. Such items will be properly identified and tagged.

    7.5 Stretcher Case Requirements

    In case a Passenger requires a stretcher on board due to medical condition he/ she should download the medical information form (MIDIF) and the same should be filled and signed by a registered medical practitioner. The request for stretcher case travel with the duly filled MEDIF should be submitted to the nearest Air India Office before 72 hours, which is the minimum time taken for obtaining clearances from our medical and engineering departments.

    7.6 Expectant Mothers

    An expectant mother in good health will be accepted for transportation up to and including the 27th week of pregnancy.

    At the time of making the booking, if the pregnancy is beyond 28th weeks and with the anticipation of normal delivery, the expectant mother will be accepted for travel up to and including the 35th week of pregnancy, i.e., up to, at least 5 weeks prior to the expected date of confinement. A medical certificate should be obtained from the attending Obstetrician dated not more than 3 days prior to departure stating that she is fit to travel.

    Expectant mothers with multiple pregnancies or with a history of complicated pregnancy will not be accepted for travel after the 32nd week.**

    **1. Multiple pregnancy refers to twins, triplets etc.

    **2.Complicated pregnancy refers to cases where on previous occasions a mother has experienced difficulty and has had a complicated delivery.

    In case of the pregnancy beyond 35 weeks, passenger may be accepted for transportation only on urgent or compassionate grounds, with the authority of the Executive Director – Air India Medical Services, after filling the (MIDIF) form.

    7.7 New Born Baby

    The infant should be at least 14 days old before air travel.

    Exceptionally, for life saving treatment for the new born, the mother and child can be accepted for travel, before 14 days, with a medical certificate of the Obstetrician and a Pediatrician. These passengers have to be accompanied by a doctor.

    In such cases also, an Indemnity has to be obtained from the passenger, as in the case of MEDA passengers.

  8. 8.1 Air India Express’s Baggage Policy

    Important Notice to all passengers

    Luggage is designed to protect its content.  Please note that your baggage may show signs of fair wear and tear as a result of normal baggage handling.  You are therefore advised to use baggage that is of a suitable strength and durability to withstand such handling.

    Air India Express shall have no liability for fair wear and tear caused to baggage including but not limited to minor cuts, scratches and dents or damage to items protruding from the baggage such as handles, wheels, labels and straps. In addition, Air India Express shall have no liability for damage caused to baggage that is over packed.

    Air India Express’s liability for delay, loss or damage to baggage may be limited by International Conventions unless a higher value is declared in advance and additional charges are paid.

    In order to save your baggage from any Damage/ Loss/ Delay, please Do Not Include Items of Value/ Importance inside your checked baggage such as:  Personal Computers/ Laptops/ Portable Electronic Devices/ iPods/ iPads/ Cell Phones/ Fragile/ Perishable Goods/ Prescription Drugs/ Currency/ Negotiable Documents/ Securities/ Passports/ Visa Business Documents/ Identification Papers/ Jewellery/ Precious Metals/ Silverware/ Antiques/ Heirlooms/ Artifacts/ Valuables/ Samples/ House and/or Car Keys/ Certificates/ Photography/ Musical Instruments.

    For safe travel of passengers in relation to COVID-19, Bureau of Civil Aviation Security, India is now permitting passengers to carry 350 ml liquid sanitizer in the cabin baggage for travel within India and for outbound flights from India upto 12th August, 2020. Carriage of other liquid items / gel/ paste or items of similar consistency is restricted to 100 ml.

    Above Items should be carried in Carry-on / Hand Baggage.

    Carriage of such articles in Checked-in Baggage without knowledge of the Airline shall be at your risk, cost and consequences.

    8.2 Right to Refuse Carriage

    1. Air India Express may refuse carriage of items described in `Items not acceptable as baggage' and may refuse further carriage of any such items on discovery thereof.
    2. Carriage of baggage may also be refused because of its size, shape, weight or character. Unless advance arrangements for carriage have been made, baggage which is in excess of the applicable free baggage allowance may be carried on later flights.
    3. Air India Express may also refuse to accept baggage as checked baggage unless it is properly packed in suitcases or other suitable containers to ensure safe carriage with ordinary care and handling.
    4. For reasons of safety and security, Air India Express may request the passenger to permit a search to be made of his/her baggage and may search or have searched the passenger's baggage in his/ her absence if the passenger is not available for the purpose of determining whether his/ her baggage contains any objectionable items. If the passenger is unwilling to comply with such a request, the carrier may refuse to carry the baggage.
    5. Items which are likely to endanger the aircraft or persons or property on board the aircraft, such as those specified in the Dangerous Goods Regulations of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and in our Terms & Conditions and Conditions of Contract.
    6. Fragile or perishable items;
    7. Live or dead animals;
    8. Human or animal remains;
    9. Fresh or frozen seafood or other meats provided that such items may be carried on board as hand luggage only if we are satisfied that they have been properly packed. Strictly only styrofoam and/or cooler boxes that contain dry food/non-perishables are allowed to be checked-in after inspection of contents by relevant authorities. Should passengers refuse inspection, we have the right to reject admission of luggage;
    10. Firearms and ammunition;
    11. Explosives, flammable or non-inflammable gas (such as aerosol paints, butane gas, lighter refills) refrigerated gas (such as filled aqualung cylinders, liquid nitrogen), flammable liquids (such as paints, thinners, solvents) flammable solids (such as matches, fire lighters), organic peroxides (such as resins), poisons, infective substances (such as viruses, bacteria), radioactive material (such as radium) corrosive materials (such as acid, alkali, mercury, thermometers), magnetic substances, oxidizing materials (such as bleaches).
    12. Weapons such as antique firearms, swords, knives and similar items provided that such items may be allowed as checked baggage at our absolute discretion for very special reasons. These cannot be carried into the aircraft for any reason whatsoever.
    13. All personal motorized transportation devices using Lithium-ion batteries, including, and similar to hover-boards, Segways, Airwheels, Solowheels, Mini-Segway, balance wheels, self-balancing boards, balance gliders are prohibited for transportation as check-in or carry-on baggage.

    8.3 Valuable and Fragile Goods

    Passengers are strongly advised not to check in such items as baggage. If they are checked in as baggage, passengers agree they send for carriage such items at their own risk. Such items include Electrical/ Electronic devices such as Personal Computers, Laptops, Portable Electronic Devices, iPods, iPads, Cell Phones, Fragile items such as glasswares, crockery, Perishable items such as cooked food, raw food materials, Prescription Drugs, Currency, Negotiable Documents, Securities, Passports, Visa, Business Documents, Identification Papers, Jewellery, Precious Metals, Silverware, Antiques, Heirlooms, Artifacts, Valuables, Samples, House and/or Car Keys, Certificates, video equipments, camera, Photography, Musical Instruments and other identification documents, title deeds, artifacts, manuscripts and the like.

    8.4 Right to Search

    For reasons of safety and security, we may require you to undergo a search, x-ray or other type of scan on your person or your Baggage. We reserve the right to search your Baggage in your absence if you are not available, for the purpose of determining whether you are in possession of or whether your Baggage contains any unacceptable or prohibited items. If you refuse to comply with such searches or scans we reserve the right to refuse carriage of you and your Baggage without refund of fare to you and without any other liability to you. In the event that a search or scan causes injury to you or damage to your Baggage, we shall not be liable for the same.

    8.5 Checked Baggage

    The total of the lenghth ,breadth and height (Lenghth + Breadth + Height) of the individual baggage shoud not exceed 62 inches. (158 cms).

    As per Labour Laws prevalent worldwide, no single piece of baggage is to be accepted as checked baggage, if it weighs more than 32 Kgs. / 70 lbs.

    Passengers are strongly advised to refrain from carrying Carton boxes / baggage’s in odd shapes / size and baggage’s which are not properly packed. Certain Airports restrict carriage of carton boxes. The Airline shall not be responsible for any damages or for not having carried the said baggage.

    Baggage that needs to be checked-in must have your name or other personal identification affixed securely to it and should be within the specified weight and dimensional specifications. The counter staff shall weigh and accept the baggage for check-in and thereafter will issue a baggage identification tag for each piece checked in. The contents of the baggage are subject to screening and in case any of the contents are objectionable for carriage or if the baggage is required for closer scrutiny then the same will be intimated to you. In Case due operational reasons, the baggage is not carried on the same flight that you travel then all steps will be taken to ensure that the baggage is carried on the next available flight and the same will be communicated to you.

    8.5.1 Special Baggage:                   

    Sporting equipment’s / Bulky fragile bags / Bicycle/ Oversized baggage do not come in the category of normal baggage hence is termed as special baggage items, these items can be carried as part of their checked-in baggage and within the free baggage allowance (FBA) or in addition to the free baggage allowance by paying the applicable excess baggage charges. Bulky or fragile items which if carried on board by blocking a seat will not come under the Free baggage allowance. These items are irrespective of actual dimensions and weight.

    Golf Kit: 50% of the applicable excess baggage charge if in addition to the FBA

    Skiing Equipment: 33 % of the applicable excess baggage charge if in addition to the FBA

    Bicycle: In excess of free baggage allowance, will be charged one flat applicable charge and to be considered as a piece of 62 inches, irrespective of actual dimensions.

    NOTE: the above items can be included as part of free baggage allowance and are to be considered as a piece of 62 inches, irrespective of their actual dimensions

    LCD / LED Television: The maximum acceptable size for LCD / LED televisions transported on Air India Express is 43 inches.

    Bulky / Fragile Baggage by blocking of a seat: If you desire to carry any fragile or bulky baggage on board then the applicable fare for the seat blocked should be paid in advance and the baggage should not weigh more than 70 kgs.

    8.5.2 Baggage Policy- Dubai:   

     A fee of 45 AED will be charged at the Dubai Airport for all Out of Gauge (OOG) baggage, Non-Conveyable Baggage Items as mentioned below:

    • Baggage that does not meet the minimum dimension i.e. 30cm X 30cms X 7.5cms
    • Baggage that exceeds 75cms in any one of the sides or a baggage with sum of linear dimensions exceeding 158cms (Length+ Breath + Height).
    • Baggage meeting the dimensional requirements but weighing less than 2kgs.
    • Baggage that are fragile, do not have at least one flat surface or that can damage or slow down the baggage system.
    • All TV’s, flat panel displays (maximum permitted screen size - 43 inches in AIX Flights).
    • Bags / Backpacks / Sport bags that have loose straps or handles that cannot be removed, secured or stowed.
    • Damaged Baggage Items or baggage items presented as bundles secured by rope.
    • Golf Bags

    Non-Conveyable Baggage:

    Non-conveyable baggage items will not be accepted at the check in desk. Box packing of non-conveyable baggage services have been provided within the terminal check in area. Non-conveyable items are to be placed and secured into boxes prior to being checked in.

    Boxes must be used for all of the following items:

    • All baggage items that does conform to the dimensional and weight restrictions but is irregular in shape or does not have at least one flat surface.     
    • Sports Bags and backpacks that have long handles/ straps that cannot be removed or stowed within the bag.
    • Garment Bags, used to carry suits, dresses, etc.
    • Child Car Seats - placed and secured in a box.
    • Items in Plastic Bags - Place into a box.

    Level 5 Baggage Screening:   

    Dubai Airport police have started trials for all airlines in Terminal 1 and 2, where the police reserve the right to remove any prohibited item and passngers will be notified with a generic note placed inside the baggage, passenger presence will not be required.

                           Kindly check with Dubai Airport website for updates.

    8.5.3 Baggage Policy – Sharjah

    • Bags should be 75 cm high, 60 cm wide and 90 cm long with at least one level surface.
    • Non-compliant baggage, such as two items wrapped together, will not be accepted at the arrival point, either directly or through Sharjah Aviation Services.
    • Baggage that exceeds these specifications will be considered as oversized baggage and processed based on the airline’s weight allowance and on prior arrangements with Sharjah Aviation Services.

                              Kindly check with Sharjah Airport website for updates.


    8.5.4 Baggage Policy – Ras Al Khaimah

    • Baggage larger than 90cm Long, 75cm High and 60cm Wide, or that does not have a single Flat surface will not be accepted.
    • Baggage that does not have one flat surface will need to be re-packed into an approved cardboard box. approved boxes are available at baggage wrapping center at a nominal charge.
    • Baggage secured by rope or string will not be accepted. Strong tape is recommended.
    • Two items of Baggage taped or wrapped together will not be accepted at Check-in.
    • Excess Baggage must be re-packed. Excess baggage fees typically apply.

                              Ras Al Khaimah International Airport reserves the right to refuse acceptance of any non-compliant baggage at check-in. Kindly check with Ras Al Khaimah Airport website for updates.

    Security Rules for Liquid Items in Hand Baggage

    • Quantity in each container must not exceed 100ml.
    • Containers must be packed in a transparent, re-sealable plastic bag, of 1 litre capacity.
    • Each passenger may carry only one such transparent plastic bag.
    • The bag must be presented separately at the security screening point for X-ray.

                  Exemptions: Medicines and dietary requirements (including baby food), required during the flight, may be carried in addition to the above. When requested, passenger will have to provide proof of authenticity for the medicines.


    8.6 Items restricted in cabin baggage

    8.6.1 Banned Items

    Items such as the following will not be permitted to be carried on person or in cabin baggage or registered baggage while travelling on board our flights. The list given below is not exhaustive and prevailing rules will apply.

    8.6.2 Items which cannot be carried in hand baggage

    The following items are banned for carriage in baggage or on person on board flights operating from Civil Airports in India and Indian registered Aircrafts from foreign Airports.

    1.Personal Items- Lighters, Scissors, metal with pointed tips, Realistic replica of toy weapon.

    2.Sharp Objects- Box Cutters, Ice Axes/ Ice Picks, Knives (any length and type except round-bladed, butter, and plastic cutlery), Meat Cleavers, Razor-type blades such as box cutters, utility knives, razor blades not in a cartridge, but excluding safety razors, Sabres, Sword

    3.Sporting Goods- Baseball Bats, Bows and Arrows, Cricket Bats, Golf Clubs, Hockey Sticks, Lacrosse Sticks, Pool Cues, Ski Poles, Spear Guns.

    4.Guns and Firearm- Ammunition, BB guns, Compressed Air Guns, Firearms, Parts of Guns and Firearms, Pellet Guns, Realistic Replicas of Firearms, Starter pistols.

    5.Tools- Axes and hatchets, Cattle Prods, Crowbars, Hammers, Drills (including cordless portables power drills), Saws (including cordless portable power saws), Screwdrivers (except those in eyeglass repair kits), Tools (including but not limited to wrenches and pliers), Wrenches and Pliers.

    6.Martial Arts/ Self Defense Items- Billy Clubs, Black Jacks, Brass Knuckles, Kubotons, Mace/ Pepper Spray, Martial Arts Weapons, Night Sticks, Nunchakus, Martial Arts/Self Defense Items, Stun Guns/Shocking Devices, Throwing Star.

    7.Explosive Materials- Such as Flare Guns, Gun Lighters and Gun Powder, Explosive material. Blasting caps, Dynamite, Fireworks, Flares (in any form), Hand Grenades, Plastic Explosives and Realistic Replicas of Explosives.

    8.Compressed gases- such as (deeply refrigerated, flammable, non-flammable and poisonous) Such as Butane, Oxygen, Liquid nitrogen and Aqualung cylinders. (deeply refrigerated, flammable, non-flammable and poisonous)

    9.Flammable Items- Such as Aerosol (any except for personal care or toiletries in limited quantities), Fuels (including cooking fuels and any flammable liquid fuel), Gasoline, Gas Torches, Lighter Fluid, Strike anywhere matches, Turpentine and Paint Thinner, Realistic Replicas of Incendiaries

    10.Oxidizing materials- such as bleaching powder, peroxides

    11.Poisonous and infectious substances- such as insecticides, weed-killers and live virus materials.

    12.Radio-active materials

    13.Corrosives- such as acids, alkalis, mercury, wet cell batteries (except those in wheelchairs), oven or drain cleaners

    14.Other dangerous articles- such as magnetized, offensive or any other articles which could cause inconvenience/ disturbance to co-passengers or affect the safety of the flight, including briefcases and attaché cases with installed alarm device

    8.7 Carriage of Battery cells.

    The carriage of battery cells in hand baggage for any electrical/ electronic items are permissible now & will now not be removed at the security point. Batteries spare/ loose, including lithium ion cells or batteries, for portable electronic devices must be carried in cabin baggage only. For lithium metal batteries the lithium metal content must not exceed 2g and for lithium ion batteries the Watt-hour rating must not exceed 100Wh. Articles which have the primary purpose as a power source, e.g. power banks are considered as spare batteries. These batteries must be individually protected to prevent short circuits.

    8.8 Precautions for hassle free baggage carriage.

    Improper carriage of baggage can put one through a lot of inconvenience. Passengers are therefore advised to ensure their baggage is properly packed and tagged. The following tips will be handy.

    1. Make sure you know your free checked baggage allowance.
    2. Don't pack any valuables in your checked baggage.
    3. Any items over your allowance will be charged as excess baggage.
    4. Label your bags correctly with your name and address and remove tags and labels left over from previous flights.
    5. Make sure you know your hand baggage allowance and the latest restrictions on carriage of certain items in your hand baggage.
    6. Make sure you take medication, important documents, valuable items and cash in your hand baggage.
    7. Do not carry packages with unidentified contents on behalf of other people.
    8. In some instances you may be required to identify or claim your baggage, for security or local customs reasons, at the connecting point
    9. Do not accept any packets from unknown persons.
    10. Do not leave baggage unobserved at any time, especially within airport area. Unattended baggage may be removed by Airport Security Staff as an object of suspicion.
    11. Make sure you declare before checking-in, if carrying any arms or explosive substances. Concealment is an offence under the Aircraft Act and Rules.
    12. Before approaching the check-in counters, you may be required to pass all your pieces of baggage to be checked in through the X-ray machines operated by security personnel.


    Air India Express shall not carry any articles and substance that are specifically identified by name or by generic description in the Technical Instructions issued by ICAO as being forbidden for transport by air under any circumstances.

    Air India Express shall not carry any articles and substances that are forbidden unless exempted by the States concerned for transport by air.

    Personal oxygen cylinders / Assistive medical devices required for medical use shall be accepted strictly as carry-on baggage and will be subjected to guidelines/ specifications mentioned in the current edition of IATA Dangerous Goods Manual. Passenger need to seek approval from Air India Express for the carriage of personal oxygen cylinders required for medical purpose.

    Air India Express Shall accept Portable Medical Electronic devices (PMED) operated by lithium ion Batteries like Automated External Defibrillators (AED), portable oxygen concentrators (POC), Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP), subject to approval from the airline and under the following conditions:

    Passenger is permitted to use FAA/ EASA Approved devices.

    Unit should be portable, battery operated and sealed properly.

    The unit should display manufacturer label indicating that the device meets safety requirements.

    The unit should be dry cell battery operated which should be leak proof and does not have spillage (Non-Spill able).

    Cabin Attendant shall be kept informed prior to and while operating the machine.

    Operation of machine should not create any nuisance to fellow passengers.

    Each Spare battery should be protected from damage and short circuits.

    Maximum of only 2 spares batteries allowed.

    Passenger need to seek approval from Air India Express for the carriage.

    NB: Wheelchairs fitted with spill able battery will not be accepted on air India Express flight.


    Carriage of Arms and ammunition:

    Permission may be given to a passenger to carry one Rifle/pistol/shotgun with 50 cartridges, provided, the passenger is bonafide to carry the same and has a valid license issued by the appropriate authority. The ammunition should be separated from the weapon and both should be suitably/ securely packed and shall be accepted as checked – in baggage only. The passenger has to declare at the check-in counter and has to provide all documents such as license; certificates issued by the appropriate authority and fill the appropriate forms before check-in. In accordance with Aircraft Rules 1937 rule 8: The carriage of Arms and Ammunition shall be only with the permission / written approval of the DGCA

    The following handling charges per fire-arm and/or 50 cartridges are being levied by Air India Express:

    On Domestic sectors INR 5000/- *

    On International sectors USD 100.00 (or equivalent amount) *

    *Plus, applicable Taxes.

    Note: Bringing a prohibited item to the Passenger and Cabin Baggage Screening point without authorization is a criminal offence and may result in charges and prosecution.

    8.10 Cabin Baggage

    Only one piece of baggage is allowed to be carried on board provided that it does not exceed the dimensions of 56cmsX 36cmsX 23cms and provided that it does not weigh more than 7kg including duty free items. An additional laptop can be carried in laptop bag per passenger along with the 7kg hand baggage.Any Items determined by us to be of excessive weight or size or of an offensive nature will not be permitted on board and the same will be offloaded.

    Cabin Baggage Acceptance Criteria:

    • Contours are available at all airports to check the dimensions of your carry-on baggage. In case your carry-on baggage exceeds the specifications, you will be requested to check-in your bag.
    • Carry-on baggage is accepted in the cabin subject to availability of space in the overhead bin.
    • Restricted stowage space is also available under the seat in front of you. In case there is no space available in the aircraft to stow hand baggage, we will need to remove and load the same in the baggage hold as per safety regulations.
    • Please ensure the containers carrying liquids like gels, alcohol, liquids, creams and lotions must not exceed 100 ml in volume.
    • Weapons, potential weapons, imitation/ replica weapons, pointed, sharp or blunt items (e.g. scissors, pocket knives, baseball bats) and all other dangerous goods are not allowed in hand baggage.

    The following items shall only be carried in the cabin and not as checked in baggage:

    • Portable oxygen concentrators, spare batteries (lithium metal, lithium ion), power banks etc

    8.11 Excess Checked Baggage

    Excess baggage is the additional weight you intend to carry beyond the permitted Free Baggage Allowance. If your baggage exceeds the limitations of the Free Baggage allowance, the Airline in its absolute discretion may permit carriage of the excess baggage subject to availability of space/ payload. The excess baggage so carried will be charged as per the prevailing rates. These excess baggage rates may be changed or varied time to time and will be available online or at the check-in counters.

    GST rates will be applicable on the value reflected on all Excess Baggage tickets (EBTs), issued in India, except from the exempted airports. Passengers may also need to pay a handling fee for the excess baggage at the airport in addition to the normal excess baggage charge. Passengers can purchase in advance a maximum 15kgs Excess Baggage subject to availability, at a flat rate.

    8.12 Collection and Delivery of Baggage

    You shall collect your Baggage as soon as it is available for collection at places of destination. If you do not collect it within a reasonable time and the baggage needs to be stored at our premises, we may charge a storage fee. If Checked Baggage is not claimed within 1 month of the time it was made available to you, we may dispose of it without any liability to you. Only the bearer of the Baggage Identification Tag delivered to the Passenger at the time the Baggage was checked, is entitled to delivery of Baggage. If a person claiming the Baggage is unable to produce a Baggage Identification Tag for identification of the Baggage, we will deliver the Baggage to such person only on condition that he has established to our satisfaction his right thereto, and if required by us, such person shall furnish adequate security to indemnify us for any loss, damage or expense which may be incurred by us as a result of such delivery. Acceptance of Baggage by the bearer of the Baggage Identification Tag without complaint at the time of delivery is prima facie evidence that the Baggage has been delivered in good condition and in accordance with the contract of carriage between us.

    8.13 Delayed, Lost and Damaged Baggage


    Liability for International Carriage (with certain exceptions) is subject to the rules and limitations established by the Convention as embodied in the Indian Carriage by Air Act 1972 as amended vide Act No. 28 of 2009, dated 20/03/2009 and pursuant to Notification No S.O. 1283(e) issued by the Government of India notifying The Carriage by Air Amendment Act, 2009.


    Liability for Carriage which is not international is subject to the rules and limitations relating to liability as specified by Notifications issued from time to time under Section 8 of the Indian Carriage by air Act, 1972 and pursuant to Notification No S.O. 142(E), dated January 17, 2014, issued by the Ministry of Civil Aviation.

    8.13.1  Delayed Baggage

    For baggage which is not received, please contact Air India Express personnel in the arrival hall and report the same. A Property Irregularity Report (PIR) will be filed and a copy will be given with a reference number for follow up action. Maximum taxi fare reimbursement amount is limited to INR 1000 against a bill/ trip sheet for the same. No Interim Relief will be provided for lost luggage.

    8.13.2 Lost Baggage

    If a delayed baggage could not be traced for 21 days from the date of Property Irregularity Report (PIR), it will be treated as lost baggage. The compensation claim will be processed as per laid down procedures.

    All claims will be substantiated with itemized list of contents, description, and age together with proof of purchase / ownership of all such items. Procedure for Claiming Lost Baggage/ Items 
    The Item may be claimed by the owner and should be in possession of the following documents:

    • Copy of Boarding Card/ Proof of journey
    • Copy of Passport/ ID card issued by any Government Unit
    • Details of the items being claimed.


    The authorized personnel should carry the following documents:

    • Letter of authorization to
    • collect the Item on behalf of the owner
    • Copy of Boarding card
    • Owner’s Government authorized Photo ID, preferably Passport/ Driving License/ PAN card
    • Photo ID card of the person who is authorized to collect the Item

    NOTE: Item(s) must be collected within 90 days from the date of deposit. On expiry of 90 days, it is disposed off as per government directive and handed over to customs. Air India Express will not be liable for any types of further claim.
    8.13.3 Damaged Baggage

    For baggage which is received in damaged or pilfered condition, please contact Air India Express personnel at arrival hall and report the same before leaving the arrival hall. This will enable our personnel to physically examine the affected baggage and assess the nature, extent and reparability of the damage.

    Luggage is designed to protect its content. In the course of normal handling, your luggage will acquire evidence of use / wear and tear such as, minor cuts, scratches, dents or soil. We trust you understand that we shall have no liability for this type of damage including but not limited to

    • Broken wheels/ handles/ straps
    • Damage to over packed/oversized bags
    • Damage due to unsuitable packing
    • Damage to pull handles / lost pull handles
    • Items of a fragile or perishable nature
    • Manufacturer/s defects.

    Efforts are made to get the damaged baggage repaired (Maximum reimbursable amount for repairing the damaged baggage is limited to INR 1000). If the baggage is damaged beyond repair, then a suitable compensation claim will be processed as per the laid down procedures.

    You may wish to obtain adequate insurance coverage through your Insurance Company prior to travel.

    Note: Passengers are advised not to carry valuables such as ornaments, negotiable papers/ certificates and currency in their checked baggage. The carrier is not liable for loss/ damage to or delay in the delivery of fragile or perishable articles or items of value or importance such as money, jewellery, silverware, cameras, electronics/ video/ computer or photographic equipment, negotiable papers, securities, heirlooms, antiques, artifacts, work of art, irreplaceable books or publications, manuscripts, business documents, precious metals and other similar valuables or commercial effects.

    Passengers are also advised not to check in any carton boxes, and if checked in the airline will not be liable for any damage to the carton box or its contents.

    8.14 Animals and Birds


    We do not allow the carriage of any animals or birds other than a guide dog accompanying a blind and/or deaf passenger;


    If you intend to travel with a guide dog you must notify us in advance, and comply with any conditions we specify in connection with the carriage of the dog.


    Where carriage is not subject to the liability rules of the Convention, we are not responsible for injury to or loss, sickness or death of an animal which we have agreed to carry unless we have been grossly negligent.


    We will have no liability in respect of any such animal not having all the necessary exit, entry, health and other documents with respect to the animal's entry into or passage through any country, state or territory and the person accompanying the animal must reimburse us for any fines, costs, losses or liabilities reasonably imposed or incurred by us as a result.

    8.15 Items Removed by Airport Security Personnel

    We will not be responsible for, or have any liability in respect of, articles removed from your Baggage by airport security personnel acting in accordance with any applicable regulations.

    8.16 Carriage of Human Remains

    We may accept human remains as Cargo subject to all clearances and procedures . For information on procedures and requirements to transport human remains, kindly contact our   offices or an authorized cargo agent. 

    In order to comply with regulations, the consignee shall produce all documents as mentioned in the website of the ministry of external affairs in its website www.mea.gov.in

    Please note if you are carrying cremated remains in your hand baggage, all existing security procedures will apply and the sealed box or case will be scanned through the X-ray device at the airport security point. Passengers will be permitted to carry cremated remains as hand baggage subject to airport security clearance.

  9. 9.1 Schedules

    We will use our best efforts to avoid delay in carrying you and your baggage. We will endeavor to adhere to published schedules in effect on the date of travel. However, times shown in timetables, schedules or elsewhere are subject to change at any time and from time to time and we shall not be liable in any way whatsoever for any loss incurred by passengers as a result of such change.

    9.2 Cancellation, Changes of Schedules

    For flight suspensions due to Government notiifications and restrictions imposed due to COVID-19 pandemic, please refer Covid-19-travel-faqs

    At any time after a booking has been made we may change our schedules and/or cancel, terminate, divert, postpone reschedule or delay any flight where we reasonably consider this to be justified by circumstances beyond our control or for reasons of safety or any other reason beyond the control of the carrier. In the event of such flight cancellation or delay beyond 3 hours, we shall at our discretion, either give the option where:

    1. Passengers can be transferred to the next available Air India Express flight without any additional charges subject to seats being available.
    2. Passengers opting not to travel can avail a full refund.

    9.3 Sole remedies

    Upon the occurrence of any of the events set out in Article 9.2, the options outlined in Article 9.2 (a) to (b) are the sole and exclusive remedies available to you and we shall have no further liability to you.

  10. 10.1 Refund Mode

    All refunds will be made in the same mode of payment used while booking. In case of a booking made through a travel agent the refund amount will be made to the travel agency's account on cancellation of the booking. Passengers will have to contact the concerned agency directly to claim their refund. 

    10.2 Refund period

    Refund for any PNR/ Itinerary Receipt must be made within One Year of Date of Travel.

    10.3 Refund policy

    Non airline taxes will be refunded. Please note that cancellation and refund rules differ for different fare types.

    10.4 No Refund for ECNR

    No refund will be effected for the return sector until authorized by POE Authorities.  

  11. 11.1 If in our reasonable opinion you conduct yourself on board the aircraft so as to endanger the aircraft or any person or property on board, or obstruct or hinder the crew in the performance of their duties, or fail to comply with any instruction of the crew including but not limited to those with respect to smoking, alcohol, use of cellular telephones, or use any threatening, abusive or insulting words towards the crew or behave in a manner which causes discomfort, inconvenience, damage or injury to other passengers of the crew, we may take such measures as we deem necessary to prevent continuation of such conduct including restraint. You may be disembarked and refused onward carriage at any point and may be prosecuted for offences committed on board the aircraft.

    11.2 If as a result of your conduct we decide, in exercise of our reasonable discretion, to divert the aircraft for the purpose of offloading you, then you shall be liable for all costs which we incur of any nature whatsoever as a result of or arising out of that diversion.

    11.3 For safety reasons, we may forbid or limit operation on board the aircraft of electronic equipment, including but not limited to, cellular telephones, laptop computers, portable recorders, portable radios, CD players, electronic games or transmitting devices, including radio-controlled toys and walkie-talkies. Operation of hearing aids and heart pacemakers is permitted.

  12. Liability for International Carriage ( with certain exceptions ) is subject to the rules and limitations established by the Convention as embodied in the Indian Carriage by Air Act 1972 as amended vide Act No. 28 of 2009, dated 20/03/2009 and pursuant to Notification No S.O. 1283(e) issued by the Government of India notifying The Carriage by Air Amendment Act, 2009.

  13. 13.1 Notice of Claims

    Acceptance of Baggage by the bearer of the Baggage Identification Tag without complaint at the time of delivery is sufficient evidence that the Baggage has been delivered in good condition and in accordance with the contract of carriage, unless you prove otherwise. If you wish to file a claim or an action regarding Damage to Checked Baggage, you must notify us as soon as you discover the Damage.

    13.2 Limitation of actions

    Any right to damages shall be extinguished if an action is not brought against us within 2 years of the date of arrival at the destination, or the date on which the aircraft was scheduled to arrive, or the date on which the carriage stopped. The method of calculating the period of limitation shall be determined by law of the court where the case is heard.

    13.3 Any action sought to be brought against the Carrier should be brought at the station of boarding or at Kochi or at Mumbai

  14. 14.1 Modification and Waiver

    None of our agents, employees or representatives has authority to alter, modify or waive any provisions of these Terms & Conditions.

  15. 15.1 In order to avoid credit card frauds, passengers are requested to note the following:

    In case the booking is made using credit card, passengers are requested to carry the following documents at the time of Check In:

    If the Credit card holder is the passenger or one of the passengers, then the credit card will have to be produced at the time of Check In. If the Credit Card holder is not one of the passengers, then a copy of the credit card (both front and back), self-attested by the credit card holder should be produced at the time of Check In. In addition to this, it is also required to produce a letter, signed by the credit card holder, authorizing the use of the credit card for the purchase of the ticket. The letter should mention the names of the passengers, date of travel and sector of travel. This letter, along with the self-attested copy of the credit card will have to be submitted at Check In desk. Hence please carry two copies of the same if you are traveling on the return sector.

    At the time of submitting the credit card copy, please ensure that the CVV number on it is blacked out. (CVV Number is a three-digit number at the reverse side of the credit card, at the end of the signature panel).

    15.2 In case the above documents are not produced by the passenger, Air India Express reserves the right to deny boarding to the passenger. In such case no refund (except for the taxes) will be given to the passenger.

    15.3 In case of erroneous / inadequate / misleading information given while, Air India Express reserves the right to cancel the PNR without any intimation

    15.4 Please ensure that the name, address and other details entered at the payment page match with the credit card issuing bank's records.

    To make online shopping safer, the RBI has made it mandatory, for all online transactions to have an extra level of authentication. The extra level is a password that you will have to enter after entering your credit card details while making online payments. You will require this extra password for transacting on any website. This new technology is called VbyV – Verified by Visa or MSC – MasterCard SecureCode. Please ensure that your card is enrolled in the 3D Secure service such as VbyV or MSC for online payments. Please contact the card issuing bank for further details.