Important info

Important info

Singapore Terminal Change

Effective effective 18th October 2022, all our Singapore flights will be arriving and departing at Terminal 2, of Changi Airport, Singapore.


Digital COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate (DCVC) for International Travel

Guests may generate and access the DCVC prior to International travel for ease of certificate verification outside India.

To Generate DCVC

Login to

Click on “Certificate” >> “International Travel Certificate” >> “Download”

Enter “DOB” and Passport Number and Submit

To access DCVC

Login to

Click on “Certificate” >> “International Travel Certificate” >> “Download”


In accordance with the COVID-19 protocols laid out by the Government of India, all guests are requested to wear masks properly by covering their nose and mouth, throughout the journey from entering the departure airport to exiting the arrival airport.Guests wearing masks incorrectly or violating the protocols inside the aircraft may be de-boarded and will not be allowed to travel.Failure to comply with the regulations shall invite action under Civil Aviation Requirements (CAR) Section 3 Series M Part VI.

Onboard the aircraft, if a guest does not adhere to wearing of mask properly even after repeated warnings,  he/ she may be de-boarded from the flight before departure. In case any guest on board an aircraft refuses to wear a mask or violates the COVID 19 protocols for guests even after repeated warnings, during the course of the flight, such guest will be treated as an “Unruly Passengers” as defined in para 3.1 of Civil Aviation requirements (CAR) Section 3 Series M Part VI (dated 8 September 2017) and the procedure in respect of handling such unruly guest, as provided in above mentioned CAR, will be followed the airline.

All guests travelling from International destinations to India must submit a self-declaration form on atleast 72 hours prior departure.


Public Notice by the Government of India, Office of Director General of Civil Aviation.

Advisory on transport of damaged, defective or recalled lithium batteries by Air (File No.: 19/1/2017‐AI(2)  Dated 26th August 2019)

Consequent upon the recall of a limited number of older generation 15‐inch MacBook Pro laptops by  M/s Apple Inc. (sold primarily between September 2015 and February 2017) due to fears that their batteries may overheat and pose a safety risk, DGCA has issued advisory to the public at large not to fly with the affected models either as hand‐baggage or checked‐in baggage until the battery has been verified/certified as safe or replaced by the manufacturer. The information on affected laptops may be verified from Apple support.



Each guest (excluding infants) is allowed, depending on the destination, some baggage free of charge, subject to the regulations of the airline. Checked baggage in excess of free allowance is subject to excess baggage charge and space availability on the aircraft. (Unless otherwise specified). Infants are entitled to 10 kilos baggage free of charge. The sum of the 3 dimensions (length + breadth + height) must not exceed 62 inches or 158 centimeters for each piece of Baggage.

More Information:

Carry-On Baggage (Hand Baggage):

In our endeavor to ensure an enhanced travel experience, on-time departure and safety of our guests, we request all our guests to carry only 1 Carry-on baggage/ cabin baggage weighing a maximum of 7 kgs. Each guest (excluding infants) is allowed to carry one small piece of hand luggage (Carry-On Baggage) of dimension 55 cms X 35 cms X 25 cms , which must not exceed 7 kilos. In addition to the 07 Kg Hand Baggage each guest shall be permitted an additional laptop carried in a laptop Bag, purse, small backpack, briefcase or camera case.

Carry-on baggage and checked-in baggage allowances cannot be combined. If your hand luggage exceeds the stated limits it has to be checked in as registered baggage with payment of excess baggage if any, and the same will be loaded in the cargo compartment. In the event that your total checked-in baggage exceeds the free allowance, an excess baggage charge will be incurred. It is recommended that all valuable articles are only carried in your carry-on baggage. Personal documents, medicines, valuables, mobile phones and laptops should be carried in cabin carry-on baggage.

Level 5 Baggage Screeing - Dubai Airport:

Dubai Airport police have started trials for all airlines in Terminal 1 and 2, where the police reserve the right to remove any prohibited item and passngers will be notified with a generic note placed inside the baggage, guest presence will not be required.