Our Management

Our Management

AIE Management

With a steadfast mission to become India’s most preferred budget airline Air India Express provides best travel deals and convenient schedules for price sensitive customers. We believe in making flying affordable for everyone, without compromising on quality, innovation, and convenience. With Air India Express, you can choose the most affordable flight prices for your flights to around 34 destinations including the Middle East and Southeast Asia. Let us take you behind the scenes and introduce you to the who’s who at Air India Express



 Chief Executive Officer Mr. Aloke Singh
Chief Operating Officer Capt. Pushpinder Singh
 Company Secretary Mrs. Aditi Khandekar
 Chief of Operations  Capt. V S Rajkumar
 Chief of Engineering  Mr. A K Jain
 Chief of Commercial  Ms. Tara Naidu
 Chief of Finance Ms. Ranjita Kumari
  Chief of Human Resources  Mr. T. Vijayakrishnan
  Chief of Airport Services Mr. Aby George
  Chief of Training Capt. DR Gupta
 Chief of Flight Safety   Capt. Ashish Gangurde
 Chief of Corporate Communications  Mr. P.G. Prageesh
Chief of IT Mr. Altaf Z Mukaddam
Deputy Chief of Material Management  Mr. Atul Ghangurde




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